Product Ideation Services

Because of our unparalleled drug development experience and expertise, and our time to gain relevant, unpublished, and current FDA thinking each month of the year, Camargo is the ideal partner for your drug development project and offers industry-leading product ideation services. We understand the process of developing a drug for success  by effectively evaluating a prospect in four key areas: regulatory, scientific, medical, and commercial.

With our Product Ideation Services, we evaluate your potential drug candidates for each of the four evaluation areas and assess them to find the best 2 products that meet your criteria. We keep working until we reach 2 products, and stop if it’s not viable. We base our decision- making on the information we have on over 60,000 drugs. In addition, our team has collective experience of working on over 3500 drugs.

Our thorough and disciplined evaluation process produces the output which will satisfy your company strategy, and our process is proven. Adding to our experience, we operate with a proven trust equation — we guarantee delivery and execution.

Why choose Camargo for your Product Ideation?

  • Unparalleled knowledge: proprietary database of over 60,000 publications
  • Unequaled experience: expertise with over 3,500 drugs
  • Evaluation expertise: product will match or satisfy your company strategy
  • Proven trust equation: guaranteed delivery of a viable product

Camargo is passionate about helping companies like yours make new, enhanced, and differentiated therapeutic benefits a reality. Contact us to learn more about engaging Camargo for your product ideation project.