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Brand-name drugs no better than generics

Read the headline again – ‘Brand-name drugs no better than generics’.  This headline was on MSNBC/MSN web site and originated from a Reuters article reporting on a study conducted by Dr. Aaron Kesselheim of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston.  The study concluded that there is no evidence that brand-name drugs given to treat heart and other cardiovascular conditions work any better than their cheaper generic counterparts.

GPhA [Generic Pharmaceutical Association] members must be celebrating and PhRMA must be stunned.  After all, PhRMA has spent millions of dollars over the years to claim that generics aren’t as good as brand-name drugs.  FDA has spent untold money to try to convince consumers that generics are as safe and effective as the brand.

In truth, PhRMA members develop needed drugs, get paid back during their patent life and then generics come along to lower the profitability, causing the development cycle to continue.  Healthy for business and consumers alike.  The brand and generic are the same.