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Science and Innovation is in our DNA

Camargo is passionate about accelerating access to medicines that address global patient needs, enhance quality of care, and improve health outcomes.

We work with our clients, regulatory agencies and payers to efficiently deliver enhanced medicines and other therapeutic solutions for the best possible patient outcomes. Setting the standard for optimized development and commercialization processes, our team provides innovative development solutions guided by rigorous science. As an integrated service provider, we help our clients navigate the complexities of the drug development process, enabling value-added medicines to be realized faster and more cost effectively.

We are on a mission to help people experience a better life

Everyone involved in improving patient outcomes is looking for new, more effective ways to overcome obstacles. Our expertise can provide innovative, science-based solutions for optimized development pathways, along with a full range of drug development solutions.

Whether you are a biopharma company looking to streamline the development process or a clinical researcher in need of an experienced partner, we offer specialized strategic development and targeted market solutions to address the most pressing concerns of healthcare stakeholders.

Camargo grew out of a small company focused on regulatory strategies for 505(b)(2) products to accelerate healthcare options for patients. We have over a decade of experience developing creative, customized solutions based on specific product needs and defining regulatory strategies where no playbook exists. The highest quality science and innovation remain at the heart of our expanded solutions, which now span 35 countries around the globe.

As the demand for enhanced medications to fight a growing range of diseases deepens globally, we’re fighting to help drive cures. We endeavor to donate part of our time, services and capital in support of the causes of patient-centric organizations around the globe.

Staying true to our core values during our 15-plus years in business has helped us create a company we’re proud to be a part of. To grow our business and mission, we’re committed to providing cost-effective, innovative solutions that advance global healthcare.


Upholding a global, patient-centric focus

Utilizing substantial business acumen, scientific and regulatory expertise, and intellectual curiosity and creativity, we’re making a meaningful difference in effectively addressing the unmet healthcare needs of patient populations worldwide.

One size doesn’t fit all

Drawing on our extensive understanding of the medication development process, we create unique, customized programs matched to specific needs. But we don’t just consult—we also have the resources and expertise to implement solutions.

Doing the right thing

Demonstrating unwavering integrity in every action and decision, we strive to leave a lasting impression of honesty, positivity and fairness.

Delivering exceptional experiences

We pursue quality and excellence through inclusive collaboration and teamwork, continuous commitment to improvement, precise execution and doing the little and big things to create extraordinary value and results.


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